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Enterprising Mathematics in Edinburgh

October 6, 2011

The following 4 boys represented the school at the Enterprising Mathematics competition last week.

  • Graham Dodds 3B1
  • Ben Falconer 3R2
  • Kieran Green 3T2
  • Liam McLennan 3R2

Although they did not win the event overall, they performed really well in what was an extremely tough competition finishing ahead of Drummond, Tynecastle, Liberton, Kaimes and Craigroyston scoring 319 points.

Well done to all 4 for their efforts.

And in case you think it was easy, here are just 3 of the questions some of the questions:

Ruth has to get dressed in the dark. She has 6 blue socks and 8 white socks in her drawer.

How many socks will she need to pull out to be sure that she can wear two socks of the same colour?

An alligator had a tail that was 5 times as long as its head.  Its body was two thirds as long as its tail.  If its body and tail measured 350cm, how long was its head?

A cube of side 4 cm has its external faces painted red. It is then cut into 64 unit cubes.

How many of the unit cubes have exactly one red face?


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