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Maths Christmas Quiz – Results

Well done to all S1 and S2 who took part in the Maths Christmas Quiz before the holidays. The full list of results is posted on the Maths notice board.

Congratulations to the overall winners:


  • Caitlan Green (1B2)
  • Lauren Strang (1B2)


  • Alex Tully (2R2)
  • Jarek Wdowiak (2R1)

House points were also awarded according to the total number of points received by participating pupils in each House.

Redpath 179

Burns 160

Telford 76


Maths Department launch new revision website

The Forrester High School Maths Department has launched a new website which will provide parents and pupils with resources to support their learning in mathematics. The address is:



Although the site is live, it is currently very much work in progress with new materials being added all of the time. When our students return after the Christmas break we plan to have the following resources in place for our Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher courses:

  • Links to video support tutorials
  • Course notes
  • Revision materials
  • Links to past papers and solutions
  • Self assessment revision quizzes
  • Support and advice for parents

We are making all of our students aware of this website, but we feel it is equally important that we highlight it to parents. To find out how you can best make use of our website to support your child, click the Parents link on the left hand menu.

We would also like to make you aware that all of our students have access to Scholar ( which is an excellent learning and revision resource produced by Heriot Watt University and which supports Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher Mathematics. Your son/daughter will be given login details by their class teacher.

Recognising Achievement (November 2011)

Well done to the following pupils who have been recognised for achievement in the Mathematics Department:

  • Elle Watson
  • Gemma Clifford
  • Chloe Hunter
  • Jamie Ronaldson
  • Mark Warnock
  • Lisa Horne
  • Reece Partridge
  • Morgan Dudgeon
  • Rakib Ahmed
  • Megan Taylor
  • Caitlin Green
  • Ruairi McInnes
  • Nicole Ashbridge
  • Jarek Wdowiak
  • Julia Malrczyk
  • Lewis Cook
  • Muzammel Miah
  • Justin Szabo
  • Courtney Butler
  • Matthew Millar
  • Prince Ngwenya
  • Rebecca Mitchell
  • Hannah Flockhart
  • Alanna Laing

Enterprising Mathematics in Edinburgh

The following 4 boys represented the school at the Enterprising Mathematics competition last week.

  • Graham Dodds 3B1
  • Ben Falconer 3R2
  • Kieran Green 3T2
  • Liam McLennan 3R2

Although they did not win the event overall, they performed really well in what was an extremely tough competition finishing ahead of Drummond, Tynecastle, Liberton, Kaimes and Craigroyston scoring 319 points.

Well done to all 4 for their efforts.

And in case you think it was easy, here are just 3 of the questions some of the questions:

Ruth has to get dressed in the dark. She has 6 blue socks and 8 white socks in her drawer.

How many socks will she need to pull out to be sure that she can wear two socks of the same colour?

An alligator had a tail that was 5 times as long as its head.  Its body was two thirds as long as its tail.  If its body and tail measured 350cm, how long was its head?

A cube of side 4 cm has its external faces painted red. It is then cut into 64 unit cubes.

How many of the unit cubes have exactly one red face?

Primary 7 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 29th September saw the Forrester High School P7 Parents’ Evening, and opportunity for parents of young people in our cluster feeder schools to have a look round. As a department we had small groups of children working collaboratively to solve Maths problems, and also showcasing some of the online games we use for learning.

Click this link to view the presentation which was used to give a brief summary of what parents and pupils might expect in S1.

Recognising Achievement

Every 5-6 weeks we recognise the achievement of our learners in the Maths Department. All teachers select 5 pupils each who they feel deserve recognition for their good work and effort. Each pupil gets a postcard sent home.

Well done to:

  • Chloe Hunter
  • Ricky Kerr
  • Aston Townsley
  • Liam McLennan
  • Andrew Place
  • Katie Watt
  • Arran Breckenridge
  • Adam Markham
  • Chantelle Ness
  • Heather Pirie
  • Megan Howatson
  • Emily Steedman
  • Eilidh Tedford
  • Erin Ryan
  • Lauren Strang
  • Kathleen Mitchell
  • Lewis Gilbert
  • Samantha Bruce
  • Lauren Smith
  • Kieren Sadfar
  • Connor Glancy
  • Michael Anderson
  • Wael Ahmad
  • Jonathon Fotheringham
  • Jordan Henderson
  • Chloe Cairns
  • Jamie Throburn
  • Liam Cleeton


Mathletics is an online resource which learners use to practice their maths. They compete against each other and children from all over the world by answering questions correctly. In trialling Mathletics before Christmas we found that pupils were motivated and engaged in their maths work.

From January 2011 all S1 pupils will have access to Mathletics both in school and from home.